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Monday, July 26, 2010

Stone Leaf Frame

One trick is to beautify the picture frame member photos. However, it is not merely a good frame of box-shaped or circular. This time, we will create a frame-shaped leaves with a stone pattern. To make a leaf shape stone frame, we need the tricks of a rather complicated because by default, Photoshop CS does not provide leaf shape.

The steps to do are:
1. Select Rounded Rectangle Tool and click on the Radius, enter the number 50 px. Then make a rectangle, oval on canvas. Raster the rectangular shape by using the menu Layer - Rasterize - Shape.

2. Click the Rectangular Marquee Tool and make a box section top right corner of the object that was created. Press Ctrl + C and press Shift + Ctrl + I. The next press Del to delete a field that selected.

On canvas will appear the same object with a new layer, which is Layer 1. Then rotate the object and position it as the Layer 1.

Press Ctrl + E to merge object.

3. Select the menu Edit - Transform - Scale and larger size of the leaf object.

4. Create two objects on top of oval and rectangular object with a white leaf. Position the object as shown this below.

Raster both oval and rectangular object, then press Ctrl + E to merge the object layer oval with a rectangle.

5. Click the Magic Wand Tool and the field is oval and rectangular.

6. Press Del then press Ctrl + E.

7. Press Del once again to make holes in the leaves of stone objects.

8. Press Ctrl + D to remove the selection.

9. To decorate the frame, select the menu Layer - Layer Style - Drop Shadow. Enter the following settings:

10. Then click the check box Bevel and Emboss and play the following settings:

11. Click the check box Texture and play the following settings:

12. Finally, click the check box and select the Color Overlay gray color or by the formula #EBEBEB.

To place a photo:
1. Open the photo file will be framed.
2. Click and Drag and Drop images into the object leaves the stone. Adjust image size to fit.
3. Drag the image layer is formed, positioned below the layer leaf stone.
Final results as shown below :

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Sunday, July 25, 2010

Adjusting Color With Other Photos

This technique is the color of some objects together into a single color. The goal is that every object of the same color. How to make it, here are the steps:

1. Take some photos that will be adjusted colors.

2. Find the photo that will be used as a comparison colors.

3. Select Image - Adjustment - Color Macth.

4. Select and specify an image for reference colors.

5. Adjust the brightness by sliding the Luminance slider, fade with the color intensity, or color to fade.

6. Click OK.

Above is the basic step of adjusting the color of another object. To develop better you can customize with their own creativity. Good luck.
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Change Photo Become Black and White

Perhaps the reader wondering how to change color photos into black and white photo images like the past. We could go somewhere to ask for photo printing is made into black and white photographs. But you will not feel satisfied because they do not know how to change it.

Curious, I will give the following trick to make photos black and white.

1. Take a colored photograph which will change.

2. Select Image - Mode - Grayscale.

3. The result you can see for yourself. The photo was immediately changed to black color and white, like the classic photo.

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White Field Throwing In Photos

The following steps remove the white areas on the photo :

1. Take a photo that will be disposed of part a white.

2. Select Image - Trim.

3. Select the line to remove the color based on the first pixel (top left), or
Select colors based on the bottom if you delete the last pixel
(lower right).
Trim Away, determines the image to be cropped.

4. Click OK. Results as shown below.

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Monday, July 12, 2010

Atom N455/N70/N75 With DDR3 Coming 2nd Quarter 2010

Intel does not stop issuing new Atom CPU. After Intel announced the shipping Atom N470, N475 and N455 in the second quarter of 2010.

Previously we may know the Intel Atom processor N270, and not long after Intel released Atom processors 450, what distinguishes the two?

Intel Atom 270 processor is made by Intel that is reserved for peragkat komputasiyang requiring low power so it is more efficient batteries and memory-efficient, but apparently Intel Atom N280 issue and soon emerged Atom N450 or what we call the Pine Trail, what version of mebedakan predecessor?

At first glance, aside from having faster data transfer processor yag Pine Trail also has a resource management yag better, so that battery life can be reduced until the battery can last longer. but not yet old Pine Trail was launched, it turns out this time Intel was preparing an Intel Atom processor N475 (1.88 GHz) and N455 (1.6 GHz). What is interesting here, both will be using DDR3 memory which has a speed of two times better than DDR2.

Especially for the N455 may be almost the same except N450 N455 uses DDR3. Although to be honest, increasing the memory speeds will not be too significant in terms of speed of boot and start-ups but at least it was enough to help us in doing multi-tasking.

And now Intel planning Atom D525 1.8 GHz. D525 was able to support DDR2 and DDR3 and has a higher clock speed of 140MHz. D510 using a power consumption of 13W TDP while the D525 uses the same power consumption.

Atom N470 has a top speed and 1.8 GHz 512KB cache and using a socket FCBGA8. Price at the launch of Atom is around $ 75.

So for those who intend to buy a netbook in the near future, mending for a while longer until the patient actually Intel Atom N475 megeluarkan this chipset. No patient khan?

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